Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Paysite Spotlight: HerBiceps

Vanessa Naesheim, one of MANY models featured on HerBiceps.
Photo credit: HerBiceps

HerBiceps is one of the longest running female muscle paysites in the world. Their website might not contain any nudity but the sexiness is definitely present. Sean Nelson and Michael Eckstut are the photographers of the site. The amount of content that is on HerBiceps is downright crazy, and there is more added almost on a weekly basis. In addition to their main website, they have a website camsite called HerBicepsCam (which will be discussed on a later post) as well as their own forum. And yes, members of the site do post on the forum and even asks fans for any requests. One thing I give HerBiceps credit for is they do their best to satisfy any female muscle fan, from the novice to the hardcore. Again, the content is massive, and the amount of women that are/have been part of HerBiceps is huge. In addition to flexing photos and videos, there are lift and carry, armwrestling, grip strength, plank bending, and training videos. Some of those names from the past and present include Jennifer Gates, Melissa Dettwiller, Cydney Gillon, Hailey Delf, Felisha Livezey, Natalia Coelho, Lauren Quinn, Mari Robles, Melissa Pearo, Erica Cordie, Wendy Fortino..trust me, I've not even begun to touch the surface of how many ladies are part of HerBiceps, and there are more on the horizon!

Cost is $13.95 per month recurring. You can also pay $29.95 per quarter (3 months) recurring, $49.95 per half year (6 months) recurring, or $89.95 for One year, and that's a one-time price. As long as you have an active membership, that is the price you will pay. If it ever goes up, you will still be charged for the original price you paid when you joined. There has been talk about a new site called HerBicepsPlus in the works, but I don't know much details about that. As soon as I gather more information, I'll let you all know.

For sneak peeks of HerBiceps content and to keep up with the latest on the site, follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HerBicepsPage/, on Twitter at https://twitter.com/herbiceps, and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/herbiceps/ as well as Sean Nelson's page (who also does photography outside of HerBiceps) at https://www.instagram.com/SeanNelsonPhoto/. And of course, join the website at http://www.herbiceps.com.

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