Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Paysite Spotlight: HDPhysiques/Premium Physiques

Two sites filled with amazing content that helped change the female physique paysite game forever
Credit: Their respective Twitter handles

Female muscle is an amazing thing. The best way to truly experience it is to see it for yourself, whether it's at a show, fitness convention, in the gym, or you just happen to see it out in the open. If you can't see it in person, the other alternative way to get the best female muscle experience possible is to see them in all their hi-definition glory. While most sites have went on to film in hi-definition technology, someone had to be the first to do this. That first is HDPhysiques (or HDP for short). Created by Joe Bayer, HDPhysiques is the first FULL-ON hi-definition female muscle paysite. They were the first to showcase the ladies the way they were meant to be shown. Ladies put in the work in the gym, they should be shown in nothing less but the best.

In their own words, "By using the highest quality, state-of-the-art digital technology available, our 3-chip HDV cameras and D-SLR’s in the hands of professional videographers, will capture the physiques like never before. The athletes appreciate having their physiques presented in the most detailed way possible. HDPhysiques pioneered the use of HD video technology in the physique industry, as well as introduced the 1080p standard, dedicated model pages, and other innovations. We will continue to strive to bring the highest quality photos and videos to market, of the hottest and fittest women on earth!"

HDPhysiques has a variety of models such as Ariel Khadr, Carli Teperka, Natalia Coelho, Heather Armbrust, Tayna Hyde, Erica Blockman, Shanique Grant, and plenty more. You can view them all here: http://hdphysiques.com/model-pages/. The HDP brand has expanded over the last couple of years with a Video-on-Demand (VOD) store (where they have teamed with other sites to bring some exclusive content not seen anywhere else) and PremiumPhysiques.com, which is a combination of several HDP stables and those from TanyaFitness, a previous site of HDP. Some of the talent from there include Shannon Courtney, Dani Reardon, Autumn Swansen, Tara Brandt, Danielle Mastromatteo, Heather Armbrust, Hanna Hallman, Katie “024” Lee, Allison Schmohl, Sara Butler, Brooke Walker, Jamie Pinder, and more that will be added in due time.

For all details and prices on the HDPhysiques family, check out the following links. There are several, but honestly...you can't go wrong either way. :)

Main website: http://www.hdphysiques.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hdphysiques
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hdphysiques
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hdphysiques/
Video on Demand store: http://hdphysiques.tv/

For general website information, model requests, upcoming show plans, technical information and more, please contact Joe at joe@hdphysiques.com. Also, if you are a female athlete of any kind, and in particular, fitness/figure competitor, or bodybuilder, and you would like to be featured on HDPhysiques.com, please contact Joe at joe@hdphysiques.com.

Premium Physiques 
Main website: http://premiumphysiques.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/premiumphysique
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PremiumPhysiques/

For questions, site feedback, photoshoot requests, etc., you can contact them at admin@premiumphysiques.com.

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